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Saffron in Brief Saffron comes from dried stigmas (thread-like parts of the flower). It can take 75,000 saffron blossoms to produce a single pound of saffron spice. Saffron is usually cultivated and harvested by hand. saffron is considered the world most expensive spices because of the amount of labor involved in harvesting and processing it. Apart from its beautiful color, aroma and the fact that it is one of the most used ingredients in many Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and international recipes. Saffron has a wide range of health benefits. SAFFRON IN AFGHANISTAN The Extra virgin, and much rich 'Afghan's' lands and the suitable climate that it has, provided a very good opportunity for the cultivation and production of world awesome and most superior quality saffron ever. The cultivation of saffron in Afghanistan is growing considerably, for the time being most of the saffron comes from the west part of the country where as the spice became famous all over the country and it has been cultivated and tested in some other regions as well and fortunately it has obtained a very good result, and in a near future Afghanistan will be one of the famous and largest producer of organic and highest quality saffron in the world. Afghanistan saffron for the 4th time became the world no 1 superior quality saffron in iTQi(International taste and quality institute in Brussels Belgium). According to the iTQi test more than 1200 kinds of foods and drinks were tested and among all of them Afghanistan s saffron won the medal and certificate of world best saffron. As per Afghan Royal saffron team s investigation and research the saffron flowers in Afghanistan gives 14 filaments/stigmas each while the saffron cultivated in other countries can give only 5 filaments in a single flower, which itself shows the superiority and quality of Afghanistan saffron. In Afghanistan farmers are not using fertilizer or chemical materials for their lands, hereby the saffron produced is completely organic and natural, Afghan Royal Saffron Company has dedicated and large agriculture farms for the cultivation of saffron in west part of the country. We assure our respected customers that we are committed to provide them the best quality saffron ever.
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