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Accepting 100% One Coins for washing cars. We clean the interior of all type of cars and wash them from the outside. We offer standard carwash services in Paramaribo Suriname.

TLSCarwash TLSCarwash


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Coupons Available
02/04/19 - 02/09/19


We accept 100% One Coins for standard Carwash deals. We have carwash deals for all types of cars. Getting the inside and outside of your car cleaned daily.
交易特殊的条款与条件 :
TLSCarwash is an inividuel carwash in the capital city of Suriname.We offer standard carwash deals in this platform. We are here to support the One Coin eco-system offering all our deals payable 100% in One Coins. When a coupon is bought on dealshaker please notify us at once.(email or phone) We prefer email at [email protected] We prefer making a scheduled appointment. This coupon needs to be redeemed at location.
关于Merchant :
We are giving people in the capital city of Surinam (Paramaribo)the oppertunity to use their One Coins by perchasing a carwash coupon on the dealshaker platform.
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附加指示 :

We have a 1 coupon each week per client policy. If another carwash wishes to become our cardealer franchise we can arrange a special deal since we know that it will boost the USEABILITY of One Coin even better. For now we only offer standard carwash deals. Please do not forget to book your appointment through email or phone. ([email protected] ; +5978865907) We prefer email because those modifications always get in. Daily email check. When asking an email please write your full name and number, so TLSCarwash can get back to you to set your appointmet.

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