Foods and Beverages 100% one coin purchase for strawberry (SOY YOGHURT 1Ltr.)


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14/02/19 - 31/08/19
These products are purely made out our home grown soy beans, which is good for our body and for all generations. Each coupon is equivalent to 1Ltr.
交易特殊的条款与条件 :
Goods once sold are not returnable.
Each coupon is used once.
Keep refrigerated between 4-6°c.
关于Merchant :
Iam a sub seller of soy yorghut in all flavors vanilla strawberry in different sizes from smart foods Uganda limited and in stalk our products range from 250g to 3letres, Smart Soy yorghurt is cholesterol free and lactose free and it is specially prepared through a unique art that removes all the beany flavour and remember its purely made out of own soya beans that are locally grown

Smart foods Ltd is principally adding value to the soya bean, it being a highly nutritious plant but still remains underutilized in the country. Smart foods is producing high quality plain tofu and is currently transforming her product portfolio to meet the needs of a wider Ugandan market. This has been attained through the introduction of the new snack range of products.

We are honoured to be hosted supported by the Food Technology Business Incubation Centre, Makerere University. The facility is incubating all our current food innovations.

To bring soy products to every home.

To provide leadership in agribusiness through innovative methods of producing high quality soy products that will uplift the health, lifestyle and livelihoods of all stakeholders sustainably and equitably.
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For more information contact me on Whats-App +256706981100

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