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VESA XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer is the world's first and only 100% bio-natural liquid enhancer that when added to petrol and diesel fuels in a fractional quantity, it enhances the actual fuel molecule itself to enable a highly clean and efficient combustion which reduces total emissions by an averange of 50% while reducing fuel usage and improving performance. VESA XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer is safe for all types of fuel combustion engines from low-end to high-end engines, i.e. as high-end as jet fighter, F1 race car, aeroplane, etc, with proven records and testimonials. VESA XXL consists of activated palm oil derived from bio-fuel research through femto bio-technology without the addition of any chemicals. It is non-toxic to human and environment. It is close to pH neutral. It is classified as non-flammable, non-hazardous and is fully biodegradable. VESA XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer is used in much smaller amount compared to normal bio-fuels. The recommended mixing ratio is 1:1000 for petrol, 1:800 for diesel and 1:600 for industrial fuel oi *BENEFITS OF VESA XXL BIO FUEL ENHANCER* VESA XXL enables the creation of FEMTO molecules that can crack and reform hydrocarbon molecules in fossil fuels into high quality and powerful fuel molecules which contain vast amount of energy and oxygen. Thus, it will improve the combustion process with complete combustion efficiency in the combustion chamber besides upgrading the fuel grade, thereby increasing engine power and performance. VESA XXL improves the quality of fuel besides increasing combustion efficiency, and thus resulting in lower fuel consumption; decreasing fuel consumption through the continued use of VESA XXL. Vesa XXL serves as a natural cleaning detergent that results in cleaner engine parts, fuel delivery system & combustion system. The clean environment of the engine and better combustion efficiency by the creation of the femto molecules eventually resulting in reduced carbon deposit formation and less production of black smoke and toxic emmissions. VESA XXL helps to remove the carbon deposit from inside of the combustion chamber and cleans carburetors, fuel injectors, pistons, valves and rings. It also provides natural lubricant to increase lubrication of fuel pump, valves, pistons and rings. Heat and frictional wear will be reduced due to the lubrication. VESA XXL improves the quality of fuel and thus reduces engine output of black smoke, toxic emissions and other pollutants. VESA XXL is safe for all types of fuel combustion engines as it derives from 100% natural activated palm oil without any chemical additives. VESA XXL has been safety tested for all types of combustion engines and it is classified as non-flammable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-residual, non-heavy metal, no fuel separation, 100% fuel compatibility, minimal acidity of pH6 and minimal component in fuel i.e. 0.1% in fuel. VESA XXL is completely different from Fuel Additive. Fuel Additive has adverse effects if it is used repeatedly/continuously as it consists of octane boosting solvent that may harm the engine.
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