100% ONE 支付/ 金融趨勢研習課程(小班制教學.15人以內) 4 小時. 課程教學是免費.酌收的費用請詳細閱讀交易條款說明. | /Financial Trend Study Course (small class teaching, less than 15 persons) 4 hours. Course teaching is free of charge. Please read the terms and conditions of the transaction in detail.


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01/01/19 - 31/12/19
課程內容:金融趨勢研習講座課程 課程時數:4 小時 適合對象:想瞭解金融趨勢相關知識,尤其是加密貨幣的相關知識.它興起帶動了時代經濟的發展與運用,讓普羅大眾更了解這個趨勢,共同創造新經濟繁榮時代。 Course Content: Financial Trends Seminar Course Hours: 4 hours suitable for objects: knowledge about financial trends, especially about cryptocurrencies. Its rise has led to the development and application of the economy of the times, so that the general public more understand this trend, and jointly create a new era of economic prosperity.
Deal-spezifische Geschäftsbedingungen des Händlers :
The relevant cost statement;
1. The teaching curriculum is free of charge.
2. The discretionary fee is to share the cost of the leased site and related teaching materials. The fee is related to the following instructions:
A. Rental of premises (for up to 20 persons): approximately EUR 72 per 4 hours of average market value rental
B. An average of about 1 euros per person, such as paper books
3. Post-transaction learning courses have been confirmed. Buyers are required to travel to the designated location on their own.
4. This discount coupon does not accept the return order after the order, please carefully consider before the order.
5. Gift certificates are limited to redemption study courses. Cash cannot be redeemed.
6. The right of final interpretation is vested in the merchant.
Über den Händler :
In order to meet the biggest financial revolution in this century-blockchain digital economy era. Open a series of study seminars on blockchain and digital economy, especially the most dynamic blockchain education learning and cognition at present, through the correct education to convey learning. Let people get the corresponding feedback because of correct cognition and pay to enjoy a better life in the future.
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