100%ONE支付韩国水光针面膜一盒 100% ONE pays a box of Korean water light needle mask

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05/02/19 - 30/10/19
100%ONE支付韩国水光针面膜一盒,一盒十片装,水光针面膜大多都是密集补水,修护抗皱,美白保湿作用的。100% ONE pays a box of Korean water-light needle mask, a box of ten pieces, most of the water-light needle masks are densely hydrating, repairing anti-wrinkle, whitening and moisturizing effect.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
1 所有礼卷不可以兑换现金 All etiquette rolls must not be exchanged for cash.

2 只接受中国区域订单,自订单日期起一般7个工作日发货 Only accept China regional orders, shipment from 7 to 4 days.

3 买家自付运费 Buyer pays freight

4 订单前请与商家联系,告知商家发货/取货细节Before ordering, please contact the merchant to inform the merchant of the details of delivery / delivery.

5 商家联系电话:+86 15863222497 Merchant telephone: +86 15863222497
About the Merchant :
本店经营韩式化妆品, 水光针面膜 春雨面膜 眼霜 乳等Our shop sells Korean - style cosmetics, water - needle mask spring rain mask eye cream
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