80%ONE支付:3盒起拍10片祛黄补水保湿美白祛痘淡化痘印收缩毛孔紧致正品 秀出嫩美肌3 boxes starting: silk egg white skin whitening hydrating mask 10 pieces yellow hydrating moisturizing whitening acne fading pockmarks shrinking pores firming genuine show tender beauty muscle

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产品名称:丝蛋白皙透嫩肤补水蚕丝面膜: 蚕丝面膜::功效: 祛黄 淡斑 美白 补水 保湿 滋润 水润化妆品净含量: 30ml 10片一盒 :规格类型: 正常规格是否为特殊用途化妆品: 是:化妆品保质期: 36个月 ; Product name: silk egg white, transparent and tender skin hydrating silk mask: silk mask:: efficacy: removing yellow spots, whitening, hydrating, moisturizing and moisturizing cosmetics net content: 30 ml, 10 pieces in a box: specification type: whether the normal specifications are special purpose cosmetics: yes: cosmetics shelf life: 36 months;
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1:本产品价值246元人民币(3盒)接受80%ONE支付: 余款发货前付
This product is worth 246 yuan (3 boxes) to accept 80% ONE payment: the balance is paid before deliver
2:只接受中国区域订单,自订单日期起3--9个工作日发货Only regional orders in China are accepted and shipped within 3-9 working days from the date of the order.
3:产品包邮,偏远地区邮费另算Product postage, postage in remote areas is calculated separately
4:购买前请联系商家:告知商家发货取货细节;商家联系电话与微信同15195488779 15722859296 15905224978 Please contact the merchant before purchasing: inform the merchant of the delivery details; The contact numbers of merchants and WeChat are the same as
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本店经营各种品牌男士女士化妆品 面膜 防晒 儿童洗化 等等
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