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厂名: swisse
厂址: 澳洲
厂家联系方式: 09099-0133
配料表: 见包装
储藏方法: 阴凉干燥
保质期: 1000
食品添加剂: 无
保质期: 48个月
生产企业: swisse
计价单位: 瓶
适用人群: 成人
适用性别: 通用
品牌: swisse
系列: 护肝片
产品剂型: 颗粒
规格(粒/袋/ml/g): 200
产地: 澳大利亚

加班通宵,爆肝熬夜,时不时还要聚会应酬…凌晨三点不回家【Swisse Ultiboost 肝脏排毒片】助你火力全开,“肝”劲十足!优质配方含有圣玛丽蓟——传统西方草药中的“护肝剂”,以支持肝脏功能及健康,并缓解消化不良和腹胀。

Factory Name: swisse
     Address: Australia
     Manufacturer Contact: 09099-0133
     Ingredients: See packaging
     Storage method: cool and dry
     Shelf life: 1000
     Food additive: none
     Shelf life: 48 months
     Manufacturer: swisse
     Pricing unit: bottle
     Applicable people: adults
     Applicable gender: General
     Brand: swisse
     Series: liver tablets
     Product dosage form: Granules
     Specifications (grain / bag / ml / g): 200
     Origin: Australia

Overtime work, bursting the liver and staying up late, from time to time to party entertainment... Three at noon to go home [Swisse Ultiboost liver detoxification tablets] to help you fully open fire, "liver" full of energy! The premium formula contains St. Mary's, a “health protectant” in traditional Western herbs to support liver function and health, and to alleviate indigestion and bloating.

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运费买家自付, 购买前请用微信联系店家,自拍作度。微信号:bbjjjjyyydrrrfr ,微信名叫:红运
Freight buyers pay, please use the micro channel before buying contact store, WeChat: bbjjjjyyydrrrfr, WeChat name: Red Wi
About the Merchant :
本店专门代购澳洲的各种中老年保健品,成人和 婴儿奶粉等产品,欢迎朋友光临本店,我们一定会尽我们最好的服务给你。
We shop for a variety of Australian middle-aged and elderly health care products, adult and baby milk products, welcome friends visit the shop, we will do our best to serve you.
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