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Black Lapiz Lajuli Stone with Titanium Ring

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27/03/19 - 01/10/19
This titanium ring with an original stone from Kalimantan island, and the stone name is black Lapiz Lajuli. Lapiz Lajuli Stone is limited supply from nature. This ring is very comfortable for women and make more powerful confidence and beauty looking high performence to them whose will wear it.
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- Delivery service only around bali island
About the Merchant :
BORNEO STONE is the Stone of Agate. It is a mineral or stone formed naturally from the results of geological procedures whose element consists of one or several chemical components that have a very high selling price. Agate made from crystallization of mineral substances in a very long time, can reach millions of years old, which then this crystal turned into agate.
Our shop sells jewelry that comes from all kinds of agate as well as offers agrochemical repair / maintenance services. Our store is a well-known store among men because its available in colorful types, can be categorized as rare items. Different types range from cheap to expensive. Our professionals will provide visitors with information on how to choose the type that suits the visitor's clothing, not only that, our store also provides and manufactures items with unique designs.
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