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Laminarea / plastifierea reprezinta acoperirea documentelor cu un strat de plastic protector. Laminating / plastisation is the covering of documents with a protective plastic layer.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
Procedeul se executa prin aplicarea la cald a unei pelicule de plastic pe ambele fete ale documentului sau doar pe o singura fata, fiind ideala pentru documente folosite intens sau expuse la razele UV sau factorilor externi.
Pe langa rolul protector, laminarea joaca si un important rol estetic, avand posibilitatea sa alegeti intre laminare lucioasa si laminare mata, documentele astfel laminate avand un aspect impecabil.

1 voucher = 1 pagina A3 laminata
2 vouchere = 1 pagina A4 laminata
Puteti cumpara 1 sau mai multe vouchere in functie de cate pagini doriti sa laminati.

Relatii suplimentare la telefon 0742309831.
Va asteptam cu oferta cumparata si salvata in telefon, in format poza pentru a se face plata prin scanarea codului QR.

The process is done by applying a plastic film on both sides of the document or on just one face, making it ideal for documents that are intense or exposed to UV rays or external factors.
Besides its protective role, lamination also plays an important aesthetic role, with the possibility to choose between glossy lamination and matte lamination, thus laminating documents with an impeccable look.

1 voucher = 1 A3 laminate page
2 vouchers = 1 laminated A4 page
You can buy 1 or more vouchers depending on how many pages you want to quit.

Additional phone calls 0742309831.
We are waiting for your purchase and saved in the phone, in the picture format to make payment by scanning the QR code.
About the Merchant :
Activitati de fotocopiere, de pregatire a documentelor si alte activitati specializate de secretariat
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