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● KATERINA is a young gorgeous Russian singer born in Latvia. ● The international pop star KATERINA is the first singer in the world who started to sing in different locations around the world, accepting payments for her concert fee 100% in ONE. Being a member of the OneLife community, KATERINA and her management department have decided that she can bring her contribution at the growth of the OneLife brand and community around the world, accepting part of her concerts to be booked and paid 100% in ONE. ● Starting with December 2017, KATERINA will accept to sign an one year permanent contract, to sing in one the following locations: cruise ships; luxury hotels; luxury resorts; luxury restaurants; casinos. ● According to this contract, KATERINA will perform each day between 1-2 hours, during 2 weeks, having all the Saturdays and Sundays free to honor other international concert requests and travel in any country. KATERINA will chose from all the received requests, accepting the proposal from the location which she consider to be the best for her image and musical career. ● You can buy this Deal for: any of the above accepted locations (hotel, resort, restaurant, cruise ship, casino), event company, artistic management or booking company, any company who is working with artists. If you are, or if you are not in this categories and you want to buy this coupon for a third part who is, please contact us first, as KATERINA will need to accept the location before to to give you the approval to buy this coupon. ● BOOK right NOW - 2 weeks contract, 1-2 hours of singing program each day, 5 days each week with KATERINA for a special location in any part of the world! ● A concert with KATERINA is the best way to promote OneLife and Onecoin in any country, any city, and any high level location,and is definitely the best way to entertain the audience or guests of the location. ● KATERINA’s repertory include her own songs but also hundreds of international hits (covers) from different styles: pop, jazz, dance, opera, soul, in many languages as: English, Russian, French, Italian, Latvian and Spanish. ● KATERINA can adapt her play list at the request of the host location, singing the most suitable songs from her repertory. ● Don't forget! Before to book KATERINA for one year and buy this coupon, please read the below TERMS & CONDITIONS.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
YOU can buy only one coupon per user!

The official list price for a one year contract with KATERINA in the above conditions is 50.000 euro.

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Buying this coupon you will receive a 25% discount from the above official list price and you will pay the value of the 2 weeks contract 100% in ONE. No other payments will be required!
The value of the contract, 100% in ONE will be paid in advance by redeeming the coupon when the one year contract will be signed by both parts (KATERINA and the host location) accepting all the contractual terms and conditions of the contract.

BEFORE to purchase the coupon from this deal, please CONTACT US to check KATERINA's availability for the requested location and period.
ONLY if your requested date (for example 01 May 2019 - 15 May 2019 for Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong) is not booked and KATERINA accept the location, then we will give you the written approval to buy the coupon.
Please take into account that the host location must provide free accommodation (1 room with double bad and private bathroom at minimum 4 stars category) and 3 meals each day for 2 persons during the 2 weeks of contract.

The other necessary technical and artistic conditions which need to be met for any concert with KATERINA, as: the technical rider, etc. will be discussed directly with the host location sound engineer and event manager.

For any questions regarding KATERINA's repertory, concert details,, transport, accommodation, etc. please contact us.
KATERINA's booking manager will be happy to assist you and answer to any questions you may have.
About the Merchant :
KATERINA is a young gorgeous Russian singer born in Latvia, she has 1.78 m height, singing from age of 5, having a very strong and good voice.
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Additional Instructions :

For any questions regarding KATERINA's repertory, concert details, transport, accommodation, etc. please contact us.
KATERINA's booking manager will be happy to assist you and answer to any questions you may have.

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