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Spanish Alphabet Colouring book. Libro para Colorear Del Alfabeto Espanol. This book is geared toward giving students of the Spanish language a firm foundation in the language so that their journey throughout the learning the language can be much easier. This book will be used as a promotion for the One World Foundation in Trinidad and Tobago 10% of sales on each Book goes to the Foundation. https://youtu.be/tf2IiIjFP3k
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
The E- Book will be dispatched after payment has been made.
Recibiras el libro despues de hacer el Pago.

These books will be sold in Packages of 10 at the Caribbean Dealshaker Expo.

For international Customers this book will be sent in the Form of an EBOOK unless otherwise requested arrangements can be made to organise shipping of the Physical Book.
About the Merchant :
I would like to promote this product that helps individuals to learn Spanish especially children. I would also like to bring other products that would aid in an individuals journey to learn Spanish as a new language.
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