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08/06/18 - 15/12/18
Regenerare celulara, curatarea tenului, redarea luminozitatii,efecte imediate. Tratamentul include: microdermaabraziune+radiofrecventa+ultrasunet+fiola acid hialuronic+masaj facial ********************************************************************* Cell regeneration, skin cleansing, luminosity, immediate effects. The treatment includes: microderma abrasion + radiofrequency + ultrasound + hyaluronic acid vial + facial massage
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
1 cupon + 90 lei,va asigura o sedinta de microderrmaabraziune, o sedinta de radiofregventa,o sedinta de ultrasunet si un masaj cu fiola cu colagen
Va rugam sa va prezentati cu cuponul in format fizic!
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1 coupon + 90 lei will provide a microdermabrasion session, a radiofrequency session, an ultrasound session and a collagen ampoule massage
Please submit your coupon in physical form!
After the coupon purchase, call for appointment!
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