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Lepo naglašeni obrazi su oduvek bili sinonim za savršen makeup look i devojku koja o svom izgledu brine do tančina. Oni su detalj koji lice čini svežim i vizualno užim, a crte lica diskretno definisanim. Za ovakve obraze, devojke najčešće koriste moći mekeup pomoćnika – rumenila i bronzera. Međutim, često su u nedoumici koji proizvod treba koristiti. U nasem asortimanu imamo paletu rumenila i bronzera marke Technic. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The well-accented faces have always been synonymous with a perfect makeup look and a girl who looks after her looks to the darkness. They are a detail that makes the face fresh and visually tight, and facial features are discretely defined. For such faces, girls most often use power mekeup assistants - blushes and bronzers. However, they are often in doubt about which product to use. In our range we have a range of blushes and bronzer brands Technic.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
1 kupon = 1 bronzer ili rumenilo
1 bronzer ili rumenilo = 7 eura
1 kupon + 3 eura = bronzer ili rumenilo
1 popust kupon je 57%
Pre kupovine dila pozovite nas da se konsultujemo oko kupljene robe. Robu saljemo na teritoriji Srbije. Troskove transporta snosi kupac.


1 coupon = 1 bronser or blush
1 coupon (brozer or blush) = 7 eura
1 coupon + 3 e = bronzer or blush
1 copun = 57 discount coupon
Before purchasing a deal, invite us to consult about the goods purchased. We send goods to the territory of Serbia. The transport costs are borne by the buyer.
About the Merchant :
Prodaja sminke iz Engleske. Imamo razne vrste pudera, ruzeva, maskara, olovaka i raznih setova, Sminke su Loreal, Max Factor, Revlon, Bourjois, Elizabeth Arden.
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