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19/01/19 - 18/03/19
The purpose of this coupon is to purchase a specific property from Australian Property Investment Professionals Pty Ltd. Only available at Sydney Expo.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :

To buy this PROPERTY PURCHASE VOUCHER these are the terms and process. Please contact the Agent before purchasing this VOUCHER.

1. The Purchaser contacts the Agent and selects a particular Property from the Properties available with Australian Property Investment Professionals Pty Ltd.

2. The Agent shall provide a copy of a customised Payment Schedule Form to the Purchaser with all the purchase and estimated settlement costs shown. The Purchaser is to return the payment schedule to confirm the relevant costs. The Service Fee of 125 OneCoins contained within the Payment Schedule is non-refundable.

3. The Agent shall provide the purchaser with the estimated amount of OneCoins required from the Purchaser and the Purchaser shall then purchase the required PROPERTY PURCHASE COUPON to allow for sufficient funds to complete the transaction and to hold the Property. The Purchaser is allowed 3 days to cool off on the selected Property and shall then be given the opportunity to select another Property.

4. Within 7 days the Purchaser is to forward the copy of the PROPERTY PURCHASE COUPON to be redeemed to the Agent and to provide their personal details for the purchase contract. Failure to do so will allow the Property to become available to another purchaser.

5. The Agent shall then forward the purchase contract and relevant documentation to the Purchaser. The Purchaser is to return the signed purchase contract and documents to the Agent. Purchase contract can be subject to sufficient funds to complete the purchase being held in the Agents nominated trust account or other similar terms as advised.

6. OneCoins from the PROPERTY PURCHASE COUPON provided by the Purchaser are converted to (AUD) Australian dollars by the Agent (when the Exchange is available) and the money is deposited into the Agents nominated trust account.

7. Settlement can only be effected once the OneCoins are exchanged to (AUD) Australian dollars with sufficient funds to complete the purchase. This is the amount of credit you then have in (AUD) Australian dollars to purchase the Property. If there is a shortfall due to OneCoin or exchange price variations or any other matter, the Purchaser shall be required to cover any shortfall in funds by purchasing a further PROPERTY PURCHASE COUPON which is to be forwarded to the Agent to be redeemed or by any other suitable means. If the Purchaser does not have enough OneCoins to purchase another COUPON then the Purchaser may top up with (AUD) Australian Dollars or will be given the opportunity to purchase a Property of a lesser value if that is available.

8. The Agent arranges the full payment for established Properties or progressive draw down payments for construction and any other purchased services as required. The Agents Solicitor settles the land and transfers the title to the Purchaser.

9. If the exchange of OneCoins to sufficient (AUD) Australian Dollars is delayed more than is allowed by the Purchase Contract the Vendor may be entitled to cancel the Purchase Contract. If this happens then the Purchaser will be allowed to purchase a similar Property from the Properties available with Australian Property Investment Professionals Pty Ltd on similar terms at such time as the exchange of sufficient funds has completed. The Purchaser shall be refunded any surplus funds after settlement of established properties or handover for Properties to be constructed.

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Additional Instructions :

Agent: Les Unferdorben

Mobile: +61 424 344 878 during business hours in South Australia or by email at [email protected]

Licence Numbers: RLA 2900589 ABN: 23 614 479 293 ACN: 614 479 293

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