SPECTACOL DE MUZICA POPULARA ROMANEASCA 100% IN ONECOIN*****Performances of Romanian folk music****


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Sustin spectacole de muzica populara autentica romaneasca, in principal din Regiunea Moldovei. Interpreteez cantece populare , cantece de petrecere si cantece lautaresti. Durata unui spectacol este de o ora**********I support performances of authentic Romanian folk music, mainly from the Moldavian Region. Interpreted popular songs, party songs and lauts songs. The duration of a show is one hour.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
Spectacolele le sustin doar in Romania. Deplasarea si cazarea o suporta organizatorul evenimentului.
Inainte de achizitionarea cuponului se va contacta vanzatorul pentru programarea spectacolelor la tel:+40744580724*******The performances only support them in Romania. The organizer of the event supports the movement and accommodation.
Before buying the coupon, contact the seller to schedule the shows at tel: +40744580724
About the Merchant :
Sunt o pasionata cantareata de muzica populara moldoveneasca. Absolvent al facultatii de Muzica din Iasi, profesor la Scoala de Arte si Meserii din Bacau. Participant activ la evenimente culturale si festivaluri.*******I am a passionate Moldovan folk music singer. Graduate of Music faculty from Iasi, professor at the School of Arts and Crafts in Bacau. Active participant in cultural events and festivals.
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