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Rekonekcija je sveobuhvatan proces ponovnog povezivanja sa Univerzumom koji omogućava proces Rekonektivnog isceljivanja. Ovo isceljivanje i evolutivne frekvencije nova su talasna dužina i prenose se putem spektra svetlosti i informacija kakav još nikad nije bio prisutan na Zemlji. Kroz Rekonekciju u stanju smo da stupimo u interakciju sa ovim novim nivoima svetlosti i informacija. Reconnection is a comprehensive process of re-linking with the Universe which enables the process of Reconnection Healing. This healing and evolutionary frequencies are new wavelengths transmitted through a spectrum of light and information that has never been present on Earth. Through the Reconciliation, we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information.
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
Usluga se moze iskoristiti licno ili na daljinu (bez licnog kontakta)
Jedan kupon vazi za dve seanse. Seansa traje 30 minuta.
Uslugu mozete zakazati putem telefona.

The service can be used personally, or remotely (without personal contact)
One coupon counts for two sessions. The session lasts 30 minutes.
You can schedule the service by phone.
About the Merchant :
Alternative medicine - Alternativna medicina
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