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TRILOGY Fun Live Rosehip Oil 45ML New Zealand Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Blemish Acne Print Facial Essence Oil

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产品名称:Trilogy/趣乐 玫瑰果油
是否为特殊用途化妆品: 否
化妆品净含量: 45ml
品牌: Trilogy/趣乐
品名: 玫瑰果油
功效: 收缩毛孔 保湿 控油 补水 祛斑


Product Name: Trilogy / Fun Music Rose Hip Oil
Whether it is a special-purpose cosmetic: No
Net content of cosmetics: 45ml
Brand: Trilogy / Fun
Name: Rosehip Oil
Efficacy: shrink pores, moisturizing, oil control, hydration, freckle

Another out of stock king 45 ml skin dry trilogy rose hip oil star product my big love, all seasons, essential things. A lot of mixed oils are afraid to worry that this trilogy rosehip oil will use more oil! It is clear that the pro will not, add 1 to 2 drops each time to the cream to mix. Apply a little massage for a while. It will soon feel like the whole absorption. On the second day, I feel that my face will become soft. Effectively help water and oil balance! Acne, acne marks, and freckle effects are especially good.

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本店专门代购澳洲的各种中老年保健品,成人和 婴儿奶粉等产品,欢迎朋友光临本店,我们一定会尽我们最好的服务给你。
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