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款号:1800196(c) 颜色:orange 成份:100%pohyester 规格:180*35+20cm 重量:265g
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
1、下单前,提前与商家沟通确认,无误再下单。Before placing the order, confirm the communication with the merchant in advance, and place the order without any error.
2、只支持中国大陆收货地址。 only support China mainland receiving address
3、微信:zhu660108 WeChat contact
4、电话:+8613805760108 contact number
About the Merchant :


Hangzhou Yukai Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, is a professional production of knitwear export enterprises, is Tonglu County key industrial enterprises. The top ten self-owned export enterprises in Tonglu County, the most growth-oriented enterprises in Hangzhou, the largest tax payer in Tonglu County, and the board member of Hangzhou Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Association.

The company covers an area of 35000 square meters, plant area 18,500 square meters, total assets of nearly 110 million yuan, the company has 750 employees, the main products are all kinds of knitted sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, shawls, scarves and other small three-piece series, the company has 80 automatic computer import machine, forming weaving, cutting, sewing The production capacity is 500 thousand pieces of knitted sweater and 500 thousand pieces of small 3 pieces.

The company's business policy is to create a brand and move towards the world through self pressure.
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