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YT Platinum Services has combined the studies of 5 Elements and Numerology to create a wholly new principle to improve your life. With our magical knowledge and our 5 Elements Numerology products, we could enhance one’s wealth, luck, relationship, health… and get rid of your pain, fear, sadness and emotional blocks. Contact us for a reading of your life chart. You will be surprised what is hidden in your own birth date!
Deal Specific Terms & Conditions from the Merchant :
1. This voucher only valid at YT Platinum Services.
2. This voucher consists of RM100.
3. All YT Platinum's items on are accepting 50% / 100% payment in ONE.
4. Buyer can use this voucher of RM100 to offset the total cost of any YT Platinum's items.
5. Voucher with the balance credits cannot be exchanged or redeem for cash.
About the Merchant :
YT Platinum Services has combined the study of numberology & 5 elements FENG SHUI to bring better life for clients.
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