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20/07/18 - 19/07/19
Germaine Williams-Beckles (D.T.) is a Certified Trichologist, who inspire confidence with her holistic approach to treating Hair and Scalp Maladies. If you’re looking for information on different hair and scalp maladies, or looking for a more holistic approach to hair loss, contact your trusted trichologist. Germaine Williams-Beckles (D.T.) gives one-on-one professional trichology related consultation. A consultation is for you if you: are experiencing excessive shedding of hair are experiencing scaly scalp conditions have itchy Scalp are suffering with different types of hair loss need support for hair loss as a result of illness need support with scalp conditions such as psoriasis, pityriasis, etc. need to be aware of proper hair care techniques to prevent and slow the process of hair loss. need to know about the camouflage techniques available for Hair Loss need Nutritional Consulting, or are experiencing slow to grow hair and/or thinning
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Consultations are done on Saturdays. Please call to make an appointment. Call us at 1-868-627-4659 or 1-868-688-GEES(4337)
Sobre el Comerciante :

At Rayogee, the primary focus is to ensure that clients develop and maintain healthy hair from the inside out. Our facilities are designed with your privacy and comfort in mind. Moreover, our friendly service and peaceful, spa-like atmosphere, are intended to leave clients; satisfied, transformed and rejuvenated.

We recognize the relationship between a healthy body and healthy hair. More than just a salon, our goal is to help every client reconnect with the instinctive knowledge of what their body and hair require, achieving and maintaining optimal health through education, support and individualized treatment protocols to restore balance.


As a professional Trichologist, Cosmetologist, and Nutritional Consultant, Germaine provides consultations to different individuals who are suffering different types of hair and scalp conditions.

She works to educate her patients on not only the causes of their condition on a cellular level, but also the implications of their diet to maintaining healthy hair and scalp.


Germaine has successfully founded and operating a number of entities in the area of hair care. The most recent of this is the Rayogee Ltd Wellness Lifestyle, which aims to take the concept of hair care to the next level through modern technology, innovations, and methods.

Rayogee was established to cater to clients’ hair and scalp needs from inside and out. With the clients’ privacy and comfort in mind, Germaine created a place where clients can get quality hair and scalp treatment and maintenance.


To continue her quest of contributing to the Health & Wellness as well as Beauty Industry, Germaine was nominated and currently serve on the Board of Director, for a prominent Trichology School in the United States.

This has provided her the avenue to contribute to programme development, training and decision making while empower beauty professionals, and medical practitioners by imparting knowledge regarding hair loss, scalp disorders and the proper use of products.


As a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and mentor, Germaine continues empower women to continue to strive toward their life goals. She encourages all women; especially single parents, to create businesses from which they can benefit.

She provides training for different categories of women, ranging from fulfilling the needs of their clients, through business development, marketing, and especially in the area of Trichology.

Germaine doesn’t only give life advices, but also shares her knowledge in trichology, cosmetology, and nutrition to inspire women to formulate business ideas out of them. She’s a strong advocate of hope and for continuous growth towards excellence.
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