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Biomedical treatment for all chronic diseases 100 % OneCoin (Clinic located in Netherlands).

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15/04/19 - 31/12/20
With this coupon you have the option to pay in our clinic for the treatment of chronic health conditions. We are successful in treatment of Lyme Disease and Neuro Borreliosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic infections, Polyartritis, Multiple Sclerose (MS), ALS, Parkinson, Epileptic disease, Neurological imbalances, Diabetes, Crohn Disease, Ulcerative colitis, Asthma, Lung Emphysema, Immune deficiency diseases, all kinds of Allergies. Anxiety and Depression. ---- We offer treatments with many effective modalities: - BioResonance ( BICOM ), Trikombin, Magnetic Frequency Therapies, Laser Therapy, , Tesla Light Energy Lamps, Stim-A-Triph therapy, Bemer mattress, Mora therapy, Detoxifying Bicom therapy. Healing Chrystal Therapy. - Unique in our clinic is our inhouse developed equipment for safe and effective Magnetic Resonance Frequency Therapy (named "Marcello" after the engineer). - Further more: healing herbs and nutrition support, detox supplements and guidelines. -- Health diagnostics is mostly done by: B.F.D. Biologic Function Diagnostics, Core-Energetics and The Hunter. We use Timewaver Diagnostic for finding the needed personalised healing frequencies. Our clinic has 30 years of practice. More information on our website: www.arsbiomedica.com
Términos y condiciones específicos de la oferta del comerciante :
Read carefully:

With these coupons you can pay in full (100%) or in part for your therapy plan. Incase an amount is left to pay to the clinic which you cannot pay with the coupons, c.q. don't have anough coupons for, you are obliged to pay that part of the invoice in Euro's! It is important therefore to buy enough coupons for the complete therapy plan which is determined in coordination with the clinic.

One coupon payes for one hour of diagnostic and/or treatment with one or more of the offered therapies.

Maximum coupons per patient: 30 coupons. More coupons per patient only after agreement by Drs. Rogier Zwijsen, director of the clinic. *)

Normal treatment frequency is 3 hours per day, one to three days per week. All patients will have, by entrance of the therapy schedule, extensive Anamnese and BioResonance tests done by senior staff members.

Before buying the coupon(s) call our clinic first to have an evaluation of therapy needs: phone 0031 343 5317 94. Normally we have place for you in two-four weeks time to give your first appointment. We can advise you on travel to the ARSbiomedica clinic and your stay in local hotels.

More coupon may be put out later in the year.
Sobre el Comerciante :
Private health therapy with biomedical methods, treatment of chronic disease, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Polyarthritis Fibromyalgia. Lyme / Neuro Borrelioses, all Autoimmune diseases. We have thirty years of extensive experience with very good results.
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Instrucciones adicionales :

Call our clinic first, before buying the coupon, to make an individual appointment. 0031 343 5317 94. We are located in The Netherlands

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