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60% one payment for Bedside Nursing and Home care in Uganda

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01/01/20 - 04/11/20


この商品は01 Jan 2020からお求めいただけます
We are a Consortium of Professional Nurses, Midwives and patient care Assistants. We care for you loved ones and ensure that Doctor's advise is implemented from either Home or Hospital under supervision of your Doctor. We ensure patient take Medication, Maintain Hygiene of patient, turning and repositioning of patients, ensure the patient is warm and Comfortable. We also do patient care Assists, elderly and special needs care assists, Maternal health pharmaceuticals, plus psychiatric care Services. We can also be hired by Hospitalss for many other health-related roles because of their expansive hands-on experience with patients. Some of these roles include being an assistant to physicians in the OR or in private practice, being a procedural specialist, assisting with public health screenings and education, and getting involved in case management. We accept 60% one through the deal shaker platform and the balance can be paid in fiat after service Delivery.
販売者からの取引特定利用諸条件 :
This deal pays for a 3 hours patient care a day with with one nurse/ midwife.

Client shall meet the transport costs
The client shall also meet accommodation cost where the condition requires keeping a near distance with the patient.
The client meets the cost of pharmaceuticals and other Materials required.
Contact us before redeeming the Coupon
販売者について :
Clear Touch Consult is a consortium of business Consultants with Vast experience in Business Audits, Procurement/ Disposal planning and consultancy, Systems Analysis and evaluation, Human resources Management, Capacity building to staff and Board of directors, Legal consultancy and Skilling the Young Adults.
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追加手順 :

Please contact head of operations on +256775 040638 for Quick attention.

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