Airport Management Technical Certificate


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22/10/19 - 22/12/19
Classroom training for the Airport Management Certificate in Camden Couva Trinidad West Indies. Total cost for tuition and exam fees is TTD $46,000.00. Total Ones 20.2 with a balance of TTD $ 41,160.00 payable in cash or certified cheque. Certification received is from a recognized US Aviation College.
販売者からの取引特定利用諸条件 :

The PERT Exam must be taken for entry into the programme.
What is a PERT Exam?

PERT stands for Post secondary Education Readiness Test. This is administered by all major schools across the United States of America to ensure the student is capable of understanding what would be taught.

What does this exam consist of?

The PERT Exam consists of Mathematics, English, and Comprehension in any combination. Anyone with a Secondary School background can pass the exam.

All students must sit and pass a PERT Exam. The cost of the PERT Exam is seventy-five USD ($75.00) (to be paid in USD).

This program is done at:


Base Road, Camden Airfield, Couva, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

What subject areas would I cover in this Certificate Course?

The following would be the area of study:

(i) Business Ethics (ii) Aviation Law (iii) Aviation Security

(iv) Aviation Safety (v) Airport Management (vi) Airport Planning and Design

What are the other exam fees ?

Out of the total forty six thousand dollars (TT46,000) the students are required to pay one thousand USD ($1,000.00) either by cash or cheque towards exam fees. All currency conversion fees are included.

What is the length of the course?

The length of the course is 6 months.

Classes are to be held 3 days per week.

Is the Certificate Recognised Internationally?

Yes, the Certificate you receive upon graduation is Internationally Recognised.

What are my job prospect after graduation?

The following are jobs you would be qualified for:

(i) Airport Management Trainee (ii) Duty Manager (iii) Assistant Manager

(iv) Airport Supervisors (v) Assistant Supervisors

(vi) Station Manager Trainee (vii) Station Supervisor

Thank you for choosing CoinCharter Services an authorized agent for the promotion of this internationally recognized programme.

For further information email or call Andrew at 868 769 3459
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Also recently added is the internationally recognized Airport Management Technical Certificate.

Thank you for choosing CoinCharter, a registered business in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Contact: 868 769 3459
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