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03/10/18 - 31/10/19
This Coupon is equivalent to 50% value of the price. Please pay the remaining 50% (£25 GBP) on bank transfer before session starts. Contact Merchant to email coupon and schedule session. --------------------------This coupon is valid for 1 session only. Per session last for 1 hour. Client needs 12 sessions over 3 months to attain good results. In this period we would work together to help build muscle, tone your body, get stronger and in turn lose body fat.
販売者からの取引特定利用諸条件 :
Give 24 hours notice to cancel a session
Payments made monthly before start of the monthly session
Minimum 3 months commitment
販売者について :
Personal trainer and Fitness instructor. I have worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and in gym management for 8 years. I competed in UKBFF Men’s Physique and finished in the Top 5 in 2012 and I have few competitions from May 2018. I love training, meeting new people, using my experience to educate and help others achieve their fitness goals and participating in charity events. In the last five years I have raised money for leukaemia and Lymphoma Research by cycling 52 miles each year. Over the years, I have acquired different certification in personal training and still learning;

Advance Diploma in Personal Training
Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Kettle Bell Instructor
Certified Suspension Instructor
Certified Circuit Training
First Aid Certification
Certified Sports Nutritional Advice
Certified Gym Based Boxing.

The services that I provide are listed below;

One-to-one Personal Training
One-to-one personal training is the most popular service that I offer as the training experience is tailored to the individual, making it the most effective way for the client to reach their goals. Through my mobile personal training service, I provide a one-to-one personal training service in the comfort of my client’s homes or in nearby parks or open spaces using portable training equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettle-bells, Swiss ball, medicine ball and TRX suspension.

Weight loss and toning
This is one of the most popular services I offer a lot of clients have excess fat that they are keen to lose. Using my professional knowledge and my experience of having transformed my own body, I am able to provide my clients with effective exercises to shift body fat and get a toned, slim body. If you do these exercises regularly and follow the nutritional advice I give you, you can expect to lose 2-3lb (1kg) per week.

Core Strength
Your core muscles are the ones that help stabilize your body and keep you posture correct. If you want to get a strong core, flat stomach and a straight back, I can guide you through a range of highly effective exercises.

Training is essential, but you cannot get into shape without good nutrition. I provide all of my clients with diet plans tailored to their body type, training goals and lifestyles. It is important not only to eat healthily but to nourish your body with a high protein, high-energy and vitamin-rich diet while training. By sticking to a diet plan, you will reach your fitness goals in the fastest and healthiest way possible.

Muscle mass and body building
Many of my clients want to achieve an impressive, muscular physique yet don’t know quite how to go about it. Having personally competed in body-building competitions, I have a lot of expertise to share when it comes to bulking up. Not only will increasing your muscle mass give you a toned and attractive body, but it will also increase your metabolic rate meaning that you burn calories quicker.

Fat loss through hormonal balancing
Clients tend to want a slim, toned appearance without bulking up. I can guide you through a targeted range of exercises to ensure that you build up muscle in the right places and get a toned stomach, legs and bum. Whatever your level of fitness or strength, I can give you a realistic, achievable plan to help you reach your goals and get your ideal body You will reach your fitness goals in the fastest and healthiest way possible through balancing your insulin, lepton and testosterone and oestrogen levels.

Corporate training
Group fitness classes can be a great way to bring workers together, break the ice, encourage team spirit and let off steam. I provide group classes in Pilates, legs, bums & tums; circuit training; pump and outdoor boot camps.

Group training & boot camps
Group training is an enjoyable way to get fit in a motivating, supportive atmosphere. Get your friends together and split the cost between you. I provide group classes in- Pilates; legs, bums & tums; circuit training; pump and outdoor boot camps. If you do not already have a location in mind, I can arrange a venue (for an additional cost).

Modelling and fitness competition/photo-shoot preparation
Having come in the top five of the Body Building category of the UK Body Building and Fitness Federation competition in 2012, I personally know what it takes to get into shape for a high-profile modelling event. I provide clients with a nutritious diet plan and high-intensity workouts that will ensure that they tone up, get rid of unwanted fat and achieve a lean, sculpted appearance that will look great under bright lights or the flash of a camera.

Sporting event preparation
A sporting event can really put the pressure on when it comes to getting into shape- there is no time for half-hearted or ineffective workouts. If you have a sporting event, such as a marathon, cycle ride, triathlon or any other physically demanding challenge, I can help you increase your stamina and overall fitness to ensure that you are ready for the big day.
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