20 sessions High Class (CANCER) Healing Technique for amazing rapid Recovery!


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13/01/19 - 31/01/20


A Medical Doctor, specialist and health practitioner in Acupuncture and advanced Bio-resonance photon healing technique, homeopathic and laser medicines for pain syndromes, special CANCER treatments and other difficult diseases offers 20 sessions high class treatment methods for (almost) ALL HEALTH RELATED ISSUES! My name is John D. Setyo, 张香明, M.D. (Medical Doctor in acupuncture & regenerative medicine). After earning my Bachelor degree in 1988 at the Erasmus University (Medical Center) in Rotterdam/ The Netherlands, I began to study acupuncture and TCM related technique at the NAAV (Acupuncture Council for Medical Doctors in the Netherlands). After achieving a Master degree at the same university in 1990, I received a Master degree in TCM and in 2004 I have done a postgraduate program in Hangzhou University/ China. In the mean time I learnt Taiji, Qigong, Meditation and Feng Shui from 4 world famous Chinese masters: Mr. Fei Yu Liang, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Mr. Wong Kiew Kit and Dr. Shen Hong Xun. The Qi-induced treatment is very practical and effective in helping sick people, especially children and all people with CANCER, without using any needles. For over 28 years I practice these relatively unknown combination of treatment techniques in my own clinics in Maassluis (1991-2014), Rotterdam (2001- until now), Dordrecht (2012- March 2019) and Amsterdam (2012- until now). The knowledge and skill in classical TCM and Chinese (Medical) Fengshui are all integrated with the Western Medicine and other new advance and related techniques. They give us a profound deeper dimensions in curing, coaching and helping sick people change their lifestyles and manage sick environments properly. In 2015 we have applied a new therapy in Regenerative Medicine for curing people who are suffering from different kinds of PAIN syndromes and scar blockages with such tremendous great success; also for Lyme disease, Parkinson disease, difficult wound healing, osteoarthritis, cancer etc. etc. I studied these innovative medical techniques in California, U.S.A.
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100% OneCoin.
Compensation & Declaration by the Dutch Health Insurance is only partly possible in case you paid with 100% ONE and if it is covered through an "Aanvullende Zorg Verzekering".
In the daily practice my wife (Silvia Foe, acupuncturist/ ZHONG member) and I are working together on her name.
For general information and Terms & Conditions, please check: www.setyo.nl or email: [email protected]

For foreign clients:
You will need to buy at least (it depends on in which hotel you will stay) 3 coupons in order to cover the costs for 3 months staying in one of our accommodations in the neighborhood of my Practice in Rotterdam, during the treatments.
販売者について :
Medical Doctor and specialist in Acupuncture and advanced Bio-resonance ASYRA healing, homeopathic, laser techniques for pain syndromes, CANCER and other diseases.
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追加手順 :

For clients from abroad we also have a special arrangement for staying in our own guest house, max. for 3 clients.
Ask for more information about the possibilities and availability through email: [email protected]
General Information, Terms and Conditions are available at www.setyo.nl

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