a) You can run a deal only after having become an approved Merchant and have registered at least one Address for redemption of your coupons

b) You will know that the Create a Deal Section is active when the tab Create a Deal changes colour from grey to orange
a) When you click on the tab section Create a Deal you will open Our Deal Wizard,where you can put in all the details about your Deal.
b) It is essential that you have registered at least 1 Merchant Profile and assigned at least 1 Address to the Profile in order to run a deal.
If you need more information on Merchant Profile Registration and Merchant Addresses please visit this section of your FAQ menu.
a) When setting a price for your deal, you will be offered an equal distribution of the discounted offer value between ONE and Cash/EUR.
b) ONE portion of the value setting can be a minimum of 50%. For example, if the value of your discounted service coupon is 100 EUR, the minimum proportion you can set up between cryptocurrency and cash will be the following:
50 EUR worth of ONE*
50 EUR cash
100 EUR = full EUR estimation of the deal offering
*Fixed exchange rate of the ONE is determined based on the selling price of ONE, and will be adjusted based on the change in the mining difficulty
* DealShaker does not guarantee the selling price of the ONE

c) You can choose to set up the value of your coupon to be 100% received in ONE. E.g. in the above mentioned example you can receive 100 EUR worth of ONE. (*Fixed exchange rate of the ONE is determined based on the selling price of ONE, and will be adjusted based on the change in the mining difficulty)
a) The promotion period of the deal is the period which you intend the deal to be available on the DealShaker platform. The minimum promotion period for a deal is 14 calendar days.
b) You can set the promotion period of your deal from the fields Launch Date and End Date on
STEP 2 of creating your deal
a) The Coupon Validity period is an important element of the coupon terms and conditions. It establishes the foundation of the relationship between you as a Merchant and your potential customers. You need to be very specific in terms of what time period a coupon can be used and redeemed in your store, location.
a) Coupon limitations are two types:
i. Limitation of the quantity of coupons which DealShaker can administer for your Business (or for you as an Individual Seller).
b) Controlling the volume of incoming custom is vitally important, especially for Registered Businesses, in order for them to be able to deliver the promised services and avoid client disappointment and wasted loyalty going forward. DealShaker strongly encourages setting limitations for the number of coupons of your deal you will be willing to sell to avoid potential disappointment from your potential customers.
Please pay extra attention to coupons’ terms of use. This is how you can point out under what conditions your customers/clients can use the coupon.
a) Deal pproval may take from 5 to 7 business days.
b) Be prepared to assist our Merchant Administrators in case a revision of some of the deal details is required. A Merchant administrator will contact you by mail if they have any questions regarding your deal offering.
c) Deal pproval time might take more than 7 business days in the event of a deal requiring detailed revision.
a) A deal revision might require you to change your deal offering pictures if the content is considered inappropriate, misleading or of a low quality.
b) For general use coupons, or for Services, our Merchant Administrators may assist you with professional pictures to help your deal more easily catch the attention of potential buyers.
c) A deal revision concerning a description of the deal and the terms of use might also be a subject of revision if the content is not sufficiently clear..
d) Merchant Administrators can reject any deal that contains inappropriate and explicit content.
a) Explicit content
b) Price speculation
c) After alert from the local authorities, warning of unauthorised content, products, services, or prohibited business activity
a) The DealShaker Merchant Administrators will contact you via email regarding your deal rejection and give the respective reasons for rejection.
b) You can always re-submit your deal offering to the Merchant Administration department after making the amendments required in the deal rejection letter.
c) You can further contact our customer support service and request assistance with running your deal offering.
a) You can edit the following details after your deal has been published:
i. Qty of coupons available - to a min of +1 to the already sold coupons
ii. Qty of coupons per person
iii. Add, but not remove a redemption location
iv. Add pictures
b) If you want to change any of the remaining details, you will need to either consult the Merchant Administration department or publish a new deal
c) Canceling your deal does not remove your obligation to honour your commitment to users having already purchased your coupons
Featured Deals Option will give you priority positioning in the deals’ listing. They cost a fixed price of 5 EUR for 1 week and are charged upfront.
Regular advertising fees are still applied to all used coupons of the merchant with no regard to whether or not the deal was promoted as Featured.
If your deal is active and published on the DealShaker website, you can always cancel it by going to your Merchant Office >> Active Deals tab. Find the deal you would like to cancel and click on the status, which currently states ACTIVE. You will be offered to [CANCEL] or [STAY ACTIVE]
You can always choose to modify some of your deal details and offer fewer quantity of the deal coupons. However, if you try to decrease the amount of coupons to a number that is (#of sold coupons +1) you will be automatically offered to Cancel the deal.

IMPORTANT: If you cancel the deal, you will still need to honor the already sold coupons for your deal.
If you are having difficulties with delivering the promised service or product, please notify our Merchant Administrators Immediately!
Each deal has a promotional period, which means the period of time when a deal is active on the DealShaker website. This is the time period in which users will be able to purchase your deal. You can find the date when the promotion ends under “Promotion Ends” label.