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Welcome to the world: 15 days / 14 nights for 2 people in one of approx. 1.700 hotels up to 5 star worldwide

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24/03/19 - 30/04/20
Welcome to the world: 15 days / 14 nights for 2 people in one of approx. 1.700 hotels up to 5 star worldwide You have always wanted to get to know the different cultures of the world and to get through the different cuisine? The doors are now open to you. Whether you are planning a spa trip to France or a longer holiday in Croatia – the world will "Welcome" you! The Italian cuisine is one of the best kitchens in the world. Let yourself be convinced by a homemade pasta with a delicious red wine. With your voucher, you can travel throughout Italy at any time of the year. Discover the southern Italian cuisine and compare it with the northern Italian tradition. Spend three nights in Parma, for example. Then travel to the South for further nights, for example, In the coastal city of Naples to spend wonderful days. Experience the beautiful areas and sights. A special highlight is the volcano Vesuvius, to the east of the city. How about a holiday in Scotland? Enjoy the traditional elements of Scotland: bagpipes, kilt and whiskey. Meet the tradition in the city of Inverness, where you can visit one of the most famous castles of the island, and in the evening go to one of the numerous pubs to enjoy the whiskey. But also spontaneous weekend trips can be wonderful implemented with this voucher. Simply redeem your vouchers if you feel like them. No matter whether you want to go to the Swiss slopes in winter, in the spring to the Tulpenland Netherlands or in the summer to the Portuguese coast - you have the choice and travel to your favorite country around the world! This voucher has been around for more than 30 years, and thousands and thousands of them have already traveled with it succesfully.
Termos e Condições do Comerciante Específicos para a Oferta :

• Voucher includes 14 nights for 2 persons

• The voucher can be redeemed in all offered hotels, subject to the terms of use. At present, the selection comprises approximately 1.700 hotels in more than 40 countries in the world.

• plus obligatory board costs, depending on the hotel at different rates (prices per person and day) - not included in the voucher (usually half board)

• Voucher valid 24 months from your online registration

• Voucher is redeemable at http://www.trendy-travel.de

• Can not be combined with other discount campaigns or vouchers

• See all hotels at http://www.trendy-travel.de !!!

• The voucher can be divided into several hotels and travel dates or used in a single piece!
• More than one voucher can be used, depending on availability.


To avoid misunderstanding, if you use the voucher it is a condition that you have to book and pay the minimum consumption (food) at the chosen hotel.
But anyway you are still saving money compared to a normal booking.

The prices you see on the hotel details are starting prices and the can vary, depending on the season. High season are more then low season. The exact price for your chosen travel date comes with the concrete offer based on your booking request.

Please also always have a look at the hotel details on the valid times for voucher bookings. Some hotels are not accepting the vouchers during the complete year.

Payments for the minimum consumption or any extras you may be want to book must always made by bank transfer. No credit card, Paypal or anything else possible.

If you ask why are hotels taking part of this program?

Hotels never be booked complete the whole year, in the average they always have free rooms, specially in low season times.
This program gives them the possibility to get new customers, to earn some small amount on the food, to advertise their hotel, service, food and utilities and to hope that you come back a second or more times or that you recommend this hotel to your friends.
It is like a big advertisement from the hotels.
Sobre o Comerciante :
Super Layf offers its client travel services in the worlwide. Also we have discount Vouchers for 1700 Hotels in 40 countries through company trendy travel.
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Instruções adicionais :

Extra information:

Furthermore there are about 40 hotels of the "special offers" category outside of the voucher program which may be booked by voucher holders to special terms of use. They are usually in metropoles / big cities and here the hotels assume that the guest does not want to be at fixed times at the hotel to take his food in the hotel, because he is doing sightseeing the whole day. Or they are, for example, hotels that do not offer catering except breakfast. For this reason, these hotels offer a discount on the normal accommodation price including breakfast with the voucher. For this you are not obliged to book and pay obligatory board costs. So also a financial advantage as with the other hotels.

These hotels are marked with „spezielle Angebote: SPEZIALANGEBOT siehe "Weitere Info" You will find this at the hotel details, on the right hand side of the hotelpicture.

Then go down to the tab "Weitere Info" to find out more about this hotel.

For the normal voucher hotels you will find in the box to the right of the hotel picture NO indication of special offers,. You will see here the starting amount for the obligatory board costs.

A DealShaker não se responsabiliza por conteúdos de terceiros publicados na plataforma