You will be able to access your ONE and CashAccounts through the OneLife backoffice.

You can also track your current ONE and Cash balance through the Dashboard in your Merchant Office.
You can register your Merchant Profile by logging into your DealShaker with your OneLife credentials.
Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy of the website in order to go forward.
You will automatically land on the Merchant Office Section. After 16 Feb you will be able to access this section through the Hello, ***Username*** menu in the right part of your header section.
If you haven’t registered a Merchant Profile so far then this will be the only option you will have in this menu.
If you have registered a Merchant Profile and want to know how to register another one, then find the Business Account option in the sidebar menu in your Merchant Office and click on the top green button [Add New]
Fill in all required fields and submit for approval from our DealShaker Merchant Administrators
DealShaker Merchant Administrators might contact you to verify, offer revisions, or require additional information about your business for a period of 10 days after your registration. Please check your email and phone regularly, in order to cooperate with our Merchant Administrators. They might have additional questions or suggestions.
When mining difficulty rate increases, the fixed rate of ONE to EUR is automatically readjusted for the DealShaker platform in order to enable quick, fair and secure operations of the platform. With the next increase in the mining difficulty rate, the fixed ONE rate for DealShaker will be readjusted to correspond to the increase in the value of the coin. Mining Difficulty rate of OneCoins can be tracked and monitored from your OneLife Backoffice (Remember that you can login to your OneLife BackOffice account with your DealShaker credentials and vice versa).

What does this mean for users of DealShaker?

1.ONEs collected in your OneCoin account will have higher value in EUR.

For Example:

You have 10 ONEs in your OneCoin account.
At DealShaker fixed rate of 15.85 EUR = 1 ONE, you were previously able to purchase goods and services for 10 ONEs x 15.85 EUR = 158.5 EUR at DealShaker

With the increase in mining difficulty rate, the fixed rate of ONE to EUR increases as well.
At DealShaker fixed rate of 20.65 EUR = 1 ONE, you are now able to purchase goods and services for 10 ONEs x 20.65 EUR = 206.5 EUR at DealShaker

2.All deals in DealShaker will be automatically readjusted to correspond to the changed rate.

3.Deal Coupons purchased prior the increase in mining difficulty rate will be honored. When escrow period finishes merchants will receive exactly the same amount of ONE that the deal was purchased for before the change in the difficulty.

This means that if a deal promoting coupons at
158.5 EUR + 10 ONE prior the increase in value has sold 10 coupons
After the increase in mining difficulty rate and the increase in DealShaker fixed rate of ONE the same deal will be promoted for: 206.5 EUR + 10 ONE
All 10 coupons purchased prior the increase will be generating their same amount of ONEs for which they were purchased. E.g. if you are a buyer and have purchased a deal coupon 158.5 EUR + 10 ONE, then upon redemption, the Merchant will receive exactly as much as you have paid in ONE - 10 ONE.