A redemption location/merchant address is each place where users/buyers can redeem/use a coupon for your deal offering
a) The Merchant Address Book can be controlled via your Merchant Office by clicking on the Merchant Address Book tab from the sidebar menu.
b) Input all of the fields for the Merchant Address registration
c) No approval is required for your Merchant Address registration. Random check and monitoring by our Merchant Administrators might occur.
You can register unlimited merchant addresses.
It is the Merchant’s obligation to follow and comply with the local legislative and regulatory requirements.
The Merchant Address or Redemption Location is the Merchant business e -card. This can either be the address where you can redeem the purchased deal coupon or the contact details of the Merchant where you can reach out and ask questions or clarify details on how to redeem your coupon.
Note that for your convenience, the Merchant may point out more than 1 Merchant Address and you will be asked to choose a preferred one, to be included in your deal coupon upon processing your purchase order.