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20/07/19 - 31/12/19


Small budget single camera production of your business. Includes: One (1) location shooting at merchant’s place of business or at agreed venue. Short interview of merchant, representative or patrons. Background voice narration. Product or active service shots. Price will cover 2 hours of shooting time. Client can provide additional footage pics and graphics in 1080i or 1080p resolution or higher. 720p is also acceptable. Does not include 3D Animation.
Условия сделки от продавца :

Total deal value is €200 (TT$1,600)
Coupon is for 100% One

Coupon must be redeemed at least 7 days before proposed shooting date.
Deal covers only 2 hours of shooting time. Every additional hour or part thereof requested will incur a charge of €62.5 (TT$500)
Deal will also include and allow for 1 hr setup time. This is apart from the 2 hours shooting time.
Additional requests can be entertained and must be paid for separately in TTD currency.

Sonlight Studios reserves the right to shut down operation if event continues for an reasonable period after agreed close off time. Professional standards apply.

If on the part of the merchant, fees are nonrefundable.
If on the part of Sonlight Studios, fees are fully refundable as arranged by both parties.

Merchant is responsible for providing all props and personnel necessary for the shoot as discussed and agreed with Sonlight Studios. Professional talent can be sourced by Sonlight Studios at a cost agreed on by both parties in this arrangement.
Сведения о продавце :
We specialize in Audio and Video production and live streaming services for live events and productions including, concerts, sports, seminars, television shows, advertisements and more. At Sonlight Studios we network with a team of well trained professionals with decades of experience in the broadcast and events industries. Everything from script to production can be supplied at request.
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