100% OneCoin【當和尚遇到鑽石4】愛的業力法則:西藏的古老智慧,讓愛情心想事成The Karma of Love: 100 Answers for Your Relationship, from the Ancient Wisdom of Tibet

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作者: 麥可.羅區格西 Geshe Michael Roach 出版日期:2017/10/02 還在等真愛來敲門? 透過西藏的古老智慧,打造專屬於你的愛侶吧!   《當和尚遇到鑽石》作者麥可‧羅區格西最新力作   安全感、相處慣性、親密關係、控制欲、尊重、承諾……   每個人都想要解開的──100個戀愛、婚姻課題   Ann擁有一份不錯的工作,只是工時有點長。忙碌的工作之餘,她還得孤伶伶的自己做飯、通勤,日復一日過著靜悄悄、沒有人問她「今天過得怎麼樣?」的生活。盼望有個人相伴廝守的Ann求助於格西:「我該到哪裡去找我的Mr. Right呢?」   格西回答說:「去養老院吧!」   去養老院探訪老太太,探訪某個老人,某個沒人想見的人,某個又皺又被遺忘了的人,某個會坐在那裡、天天重複一樣的話的人……給予他陪伴,聽他說他的人生故事,即使他已說過一百次;同時也和他分享你自己的故事。你會從他的人生學到很多,他也會給你的人生一些忠告。   當你種下一個關於陪伴的「善種子」,當這顆種子迸裂開來,你就會遇到你的人選。只要這顆善種子存在,到哪裡去找他就不重要了──在網路上,在熱舞社,或只是坐在自己家裡──他會出現,他勢必要出現!   ◆100個疑惑,100個你我周遭正在發生的感情故事!   ◆透過西藏的古老智慧──業力法則,你將能夠讓主導權回到自己身上,用自己的力量,讓真愛來到面前……   在《當和尚遇到鑽石》一書中,作者麥可‧羅區格西親身示範了如何透過種下善種子的「業力法則」,讓現實生活中的財務、職場、人際關係都獲得圓滿。這一次,作者集結了全球各地、弟子最常徵詢的戀愛與婚姻問題,給予最全面、最具體可行、有現實基礎的業力法則實踐方法。   在成為僧人之前,格西曾有過二十餘年與常人無異的生命經驗,另外,自幼年即親眼目睹相愛卻無法相處的雙親之間,那樣緊張且最終邁向分手的婚姻關係,格西頗能感應與憐憫一般人對於戀愛、婚姻的困擾。格西明白,如果要獲得渴望的幸福,「戀愛與婚姻」是一條不可迴避的路徑,因此,他開始聆聽弟子們的困擾,並引導弟子梳理所處、所遇的困擾情境,進而鼓勵他們運用業力法則、循著步驟清晰且可自我把握的辦法來改善戀愛與婚姻狀況。   本書收錄了43大類、100個關於戀愛和婚姻的疑惑。除了提問之外,更保留了當事人所處、所遇情境的具體描述,及作者循循善誘的殷切說明。   如果你從沒聽過「空性」、「持戒」之類的佛法詞彙,不要緊的,這些詞彙並不多見於此書。或者,格西會以最白話的方式說明它們,並解構它們以怎樣的面貌出現在生活中?我們又該如何運用「業力法則」?──源自於西藏的古老智慧,在本書中將有最現代、新穎的呈現!   ◆別再為了與心目中的理想伴侶相遇而尋尋覓覓、心煩意亂……從這一刻起,種下好的種子,一切都能改變,答案盡在其中! Still waiting for true love to knock on the door? Create your own lover through the ancient wisdom of Tibet! "When Monks Meet Diamonds," author Michael Ruo Gesi's latest masterpiece Security, instinct, intimacy, desire to control, respect, commitment... Everyone wants to unlock - 100 love, marriage issues Ann has a good job, but the working hours are a bit long. In the midst of busy work, she still had to work alone, commute, and day after day, quietly, no one asked her how "How is it going today?" Looking forward to someone who is accompanied by Ann, he turned to Geshe: "Where should I go to find Mr. Right?" Geshe replied: "Go to the nursing home!" Go to the old lady to visit the old lady, visit an old man, someone who nobody wants to see, someone who is wrinkled and forgotten, someone who will sit there and repeat the same words every day... give him companionship, Listen to him telling his life story, even if he has said it a hundred times; also share his own story with him. You will learn a lot from his life, and he will give some advice to your life. When you plant a "good seed" about companionship, when the seed splits open, you will meet your candidate. As long as this good seed exists, it doesn't matter where to find him - on the Internet, in the dance club, or just sitting in his own home - he will appear, he must appear! ◆ 100 doubts, 100 emotional stories that you are happening around me! ◆ Through the ancient wisdom of Tibet - the law of karma, you will be able to return the dominant power to yourself and use your own power to let true love come to you... In the book "When Monks Meet Diamonds," author Michael Rogge Geshe personally demonstrated how to make the financial, workplace, and interpersonal relationships in real life successful by planting the "law of karma" of good seeds. . This time, the authors gathered the most frequently asked love and marital issues from all over the world and disciples, giving the most comprehensive, practical, and realistic karma practice. Before becoming a monk, Geshe had more than 20 years of life experience with ordinary people. In addition, since childhood, he has witnessed the marriage between the parents who are in love but unable to get along, so nervous and eventually to break up. Xipo can sense and pity the average person's troubles in love and marriage. Geshe understands that "love and marriage" is an unavoidable path to obtain the desired happiness. Therefore, he began to listen to the troubles of his disciples and guide his disciples to sort out the distressed situations they encountered and encourage them to use. The law of karma, following a step-by-step and self-conscious approach to improving love and marital status. The book contains 43 categories and 100 doubts about love and marriage. In addition to asking questions, it also retains the specific description of the situation in which the person is located and the circumstances in which he or she encounters, and the eloquent explanation of the author's follow-up. If you have never heard the Dharma vocabulary such as "emptiness" or "holding the ring", it doesn't matter, these words are not often seen in this book. Or, Geshe will explain them in the most vernacular way and deconstruct them in what way they appear in life? How should we use the "law of karma"? ─ ─ from the ancient wisdom of Tibet, there will be the most modern and novel presentation in this book! ◆ Don't look for ambiguity and distraction in order to meet the ideal partner in your heart... From this moment on, plant a good seed, everything can change, the answer is in it ! 格西麥克的TEDx演講:如何以幫助全世界的方式,獲得你想要的一切(2015,奧地利) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX2skkpm7rI
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The establishment of "One BookShop" echoes the spirit of Dr. Ruja Ignatova creation of OneLife World. Under the law of one, the universe and the body and mind should go hand in hand, and good books are the food of the spirit.
The "One BookShop" supports good books, specializing in body and mind growth books, daily necessities and 3C accessories, and holding reading clubs. In the future, regular reading sessions will be held, and everyone is welcome to participate in the richness and prosperity of the body and mind growth and wealth and relationships.
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