50% discount coupon. deal for one hour massage,location of your choice in Auckland, New Zealand

marcuskoin01 Marcus Burgoyne

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26/07/19 - 26/07/20


One hour massage at your home or workplace for one person. For more than one client please contact Marcus to make arrangements. Total Service fee = 100 nzd / 50% payable in onecoin / 50% cash component = 50 nzd payable outside dealshaker. Cash on hand or internet banking / Plus fuel charge to be arranged
Условия сделки от продавца :
Bookings are essential, any medical conditions must be discussed with the therapist prior to any massage taking place.
Please note there will be a fuel charge of $NZD10 if call out is over 10kms to the appointment or $NZD20 if Marcus had to travel 30/40 kms. Please call Marcus first to advice your location and discuss about fuel cost before buying the coupon. Marcus is willing to cover any distance covering greater Auckland area as long as fuel costs is covered please.
Сведения о продавце :
Holistic Massage Therapist doing massage in the workplace and home visits for sports, relaxation and deep tissue massage including trigger point therapy and reflexology.
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