20% DISCOUNT VOUCHER for GOLD PACKAGE Treatment at IMC (Integrative Medical Center) Bangkok.

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22/07/18 - 22/07/19
The IMC Integrative Medical Center for Holistic Medicine is pleased to offer tailored, individualized holistic treatment that addresses the health of the mind, body & spirit. Not only do we offer Preventive and General Wellness, we treat Chronic and Acute Conditions, from Primary Care to Internal Medicines. The GOLD PACKAGE Treatment includes: (1) Doctor's Diagnosis (Online & Offline) - 1 year (2) Blood Analysis - 2 times (3) Placenta Therapy - 4 times (4) Vitamin Treatment - 12 times DOCTORS DIAGNOSIS: Oneline & Offline for 1 Year period. BLOOD ANALYSIS : 2 TIMES Treatment is provided in the Gold Package. With consent, one drop of blood is taken from fingertip to observe live blood cells through Transformation Darkfield Microscope' for any abnormalities. The results show residue of heavy metal, protein fibers and fats, allergic tendency, function of livers, digestive system, balance of acid & base, bacteria & parasites in bloodstream and the abnormalities in the immune system. PLACENTA THERAPY : 4 TIMES Treatment is provided in the Gold Package. Placenta Therapy replaces damaged cells with placenta extracts by nourishing more than 128 essential substances for growth factor & body enhancement. Placenta Extract consists of essential nutrition for instance Antibodies, Amino Acids, Glycosaminogylcans, Nucleic Acids, Vitamins and Minerals. Therefore, it is highly capable of stimulating new cells rebuilding, anti-aging which enhances and retains youth. It is non-toxic and chemical free. THE BENEFITS OF PLACENTA EXTRACTS: (A) Revive Cells, Tissues and Organs (B) Anti-Aging (C) Enhance Boly Immunity (D) Enhance Skin (E) Enhance Blood Circulation (F) Enhance Sexual Efficiency VITAMIN TREATMENT: 12 TIMES Treatment is provided in the Gold Package. Vitamin Treatment is essential both for modern medicine and for alternative medicine. Whether in the administration of medications, clinical nutrition or volume replacement. THE BENEFITS OF VITAMIN TREATMENTS. * Increases Vitality - feel more Energized * Improve Performances of Cells - activate blood circulation & nutrients to cells * Boost Immune System - Avert the onset and recurrence of infectious diseases
Условия сделки от продавца :
1. Total cost of Gold Package in Thai Baht (THB) is 580,000
2. 20% Discount Voucher provided is for payment in ONE
3. 80% payment in Thai Baht (THB)
4. Upon payment of ONE, please proceed to make an appointment for consultation.
For Appointment, please Contact : Mr Assanee Uamnoi, WeChat :imcbangkok Line: IMCBKK
5. One Coupon apply to one Gold Package Treatment.
6. Kindly provide a copy of Coupon ID during redemption.
7. Non-Refundable once Coupon Expires.
Сведения о продавце :
The IMC Integrative Medical Center for Holistic Medicine has been recognized from clients as specialist in holistic medicine. We have provided many aspects of integrative medicines, including doctors, alternative practitioners, pharmacy & lab testing, all under one roof based on German Medical Standard under quality control of MZB (The Medizinzentrum Bad Salzhausen, Germany).

IMC整体医学综合医疗中心已被客户认可为整体医学专家。 我们在MZB(德国Medizinzentrum Bad Salzhausen)的质量控制下,根据德国医学标准提供了综合医疗的多方面服务,包括医生、替代医生、药房和实验检验。

Partnering with MZB, IMC Bangkok provides complete support from consultations to assure optimal personalized treatment program.
For more information about the Medizinzentrum Bad Salzhausen, please visit:
www.themedizinzentrum.com, www.med-badsalzhausen.de
Email : [email protected]
WeChat : imcbangkok
Phone: +66 85 295 3333
+66 95 471 5555

IMC Bangkok与MZB合作,提供全面的咨询服务,以确保最佳的个性化治疗方案,从交通和住宿安排到全球当地诊所合作伙伴的后续护理。
有关Medizinzentrum Bad Salzhausen的更多信息,请咨询:www.themedizinzentrum.com,www.med-badsalzhausen.de
电子邮件:[email protected]
电话:+66 85 295 3333
+66 95 471 5555
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