(25%ONE) 誠業霸王蜆(1瓶10顆裝.價值NT3800).Chengye Super King Clam Capsule (1 bottle, 10 pieces. Value NT3800)

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誠業國際企業有限公司成立於2013年,前身是飛揚國際漁業股份有限公司,由菲律賓與台灣二地進出口漁業買賣,直至現今的健康食品業,因了解漁貨所以比別人更精心研發養殖技術。 養殖技術是與高雄海洋科技大學跟屏東科技大學教授多年研究而成,培育養殖的蜆需要五年的時間,大小如成人手掌大,其養分是一般蜆的數十倍,肝醣是靈芝的四倍,營養價值高,含有豐富的鋅元素及多各種微量元素及胺基酸 霸王蜆-- ●含人蔘精華,補充元氣 ●含肝醣成分,供給能量 因由帝王母蜆萃取提煉其豐富的精胺酸,還添加了冬虫夏草等高貴藥材 Chengye International Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, formerly known as Feiyang International Fisheries Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the import and export of fisheries from the Philippines and Taiwan. Until today's health food industry, it is more carefully developed than others to understand the culture technology. . The culture technology is researched with Kaohsiung University of Marine Science and Technology and Professor of Pingtung University of Science and Technology for many years. It takes five years to cultivate the cultured carp. The size is as large as the palm of an adult. Its nutrients are dozens of times that of common cockroaches. Four times, high nutritional value, rich in zinc and various trace elements and amino acids Overlord-- ● Contains human essence, supplements ● Containing glycogen, supplying energy Due to the extraction and refining of its rich arginine by the emperor's mother, it also adds noble herbs such as Cordyceps sinensis.
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