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Branded Short-links or URLs are extremely useful because it gives you more space for placing your content in social media Apps, posts and mobile phone messaging such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and SMS messages. Additionally, it helps to drive awareness and brand recognition. Short website domain names are succinct and easier to read and remember. Taking up less space, they are easier to include on any electronic or printed material, like business cards, flyers, brochures and even bill boards and outdoor advertising screens. Short URLs provide a powerful indication about the excellence content you share. Short URLs tend to be “catchy,” and more likely to “stick” in your audience’s mind. For example, The short URL is much easier to work with that the original Dealshaker URL ADDITIONALLY A DealShaker Jamaica GPS tracker deal translates to People seeing your content and have positive experiences with your product and/or service will most likely remember and recommend it. With the short-link, your brand can become more visible and may even become dominant in your market sector. The short- link makes your advertising and marketing extremely accessible. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can improve with the deployment of short URLS on your websites and Facebook pages.
Условия сделки от продавца :
Please Read the Terms Carefully:

1. Go to to complete your short link (URL) request.

2. Each coupon represents 1 month of your chosen short URL subscription. E.G. If you want to run the short link for six (6) months, then 6 coupons needs to be purchased.

3. All jobs will be done in English.
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The business provides ICT/Internet services including Website (WordPress, Joomla), App and eDocument development in addition to Social Media marketing (Facebook and LinkedIn) and graphic design.
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Job coordination can be done through the following channels: WhatsApp messages to 18686852766 or 18683533422 and Skype (jbgordon)

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