50% for Deep Cleanse Pedicure

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16/07/19 - 30/09/19
The value of this deal is TTD $250.The coupon represents 50% of the value of the deal which is TT $125 .The remainder of the value of the deal which is TT $125 cash payment will be made by the customer when he/she redeems coupon. Wallace Bliss-Zen Massage Therapy provides Deep Cleanse Pedicure.It consist of filing and shaping toe nails,cleaning cuticle,cleaning callus,foot scrub, foot mask, foot massage and nail polish application. Your feet will be refresh and clean.
Условия сделки от продавца :
After purchasing the coupon, the customer has 7 day in which to contact the merchant to set an appointment for the Deep Cleanse Mask Pedicure to be done.
Сведения о продавце :
Wallace Bliss-Zen Massage Therapy provides a wide range off spa services.We offer Therapeutic Massage,Body Waxing,Body Scrubs,Facials,Manicure,Pedicure,Electro-Therapy,Water Therapy,Make-up and Spa Parties
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