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19/12/18 - 19/05/19
100% ONE HEALTH SCAN QRMA BODY ANALYSIS Consultation for illness prevention only. • This is a non-invasive health check that works through reading electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the human which will show 39 report about: • mineral and vitamins nutrition levels, PH levels, level of pollution, toxins and radiation, body composition, organ function and status, heart, stomach, small and large intestine, liver fat level , lungs, pancreas, kidney, absorption levels , brain, blood sugar levels, hormone levels, nervous system; According to the results we will recommend the necessary nutritional supplements and the changes that you should make in your lifestyle.
Условия сделки от продавца :
Use this coupon to pay for the initial consultation. 100% ONE.
Please Email Coupon to [email protected] and book an appointment.
Services can be arranged at client's home or at preferred location.
This consultation will only offer you the results of the scanning and basic supplement recommendation advice.
For a more comprehensive consultation that includes health coaching you need to have a separate booking with extra charges not included in this coupon.
Results will be given after 3-5 working days on electronic format.
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Offers holistic well-being consultation services such as non-invasive health analysis, fitness training, supplement and nutritional advise and massage therapy.
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