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EPalmer Liz Palmer

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08/09/19 - 08/10/19
Our brains, the most important organ in the human body. Without a functioning brain we have no past, no future and our present is stolen. Is This Event Right For Me? Whether you are a person in your midlife, an athlete, or a senior citizen knowing how to nourish your brain is an important aspect of having a rich and rewarding life. During this event, we will be taking a close look at how to preserve and restore optimal brain function. With Alzheimers being a leading cause of death in Australia, taking care of your brain now is a key to a great life. You will learn... -Statistics of brain health around the globe and here in Australia - What your brain needs to stay healthy - Lifestyle choices that are depleting the brain daily - Lifestyle steps you can use to improve your brain health - Improving brain function now results in feeling younger and more energetic while stopping or preventing brain degeneration , no matter how good your brain is now. Your admission fee covers healthy nibbles and presentation.
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Attendance in Adelaide on Oct. 8th, 2019
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Anti-aging skin care and wellness. I am an independent agent for Neora Anti-Aging company
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Live class in Adelaide, Australia on Oct. 8, 2019

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