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This is what the training package includes: Individualized training program as well as a customized nutrition plan with follow-up. I will also provide training in the psychological approach towards your goals as well as mindset. Follow-up: You send me photos and circumference, and the progress will be measured in centimeters and photos. Follow-up is every 2 weeks, but at that time I will evaluate your progress and update your training program and nutrition plan depending on your needs.
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About the trainer: Valgeir is a licensed personal trainer, and has 12 years of personal training experience. He has helped hundreds of people reach their ultimate training goals, whether to gain muscle, loose fat, bodybuilding or strength training. He is one of the most successful bodybuilders that Iceland has produced but he has won several bodybuilding competitions. In 2012 he won the overall title in bodybuilding at the Icelandic Championship. He also specializes in strength traning and has trained with some of the world‘s strongest men as well as he has competed and won several competitions in the Strongman sport, such as Icelandic‘s Strongest Man (-231) in 2013, but his most recent victory was The Cowboy Strongman Classic in Wyoming in September 2019, where he claimed the title of Wyoming‘s Strongest Man of 2019.
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