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Passio Pasta products for detoxification in the body 4 systems in a single passi is a detoxification. There may be three or four times a day driving the waste from the body during the first day. Intestinal cleansing is a cleansing of the intestinal wall to cleanse the intestinal lining. Fiber from vegetables and fruits is equivalent to eating vegetables 3-4 kg. What does PASCIO help with? - Lower belly flat belly - Help solve chronic constipation chronic hemorrhoids. - Help clear the toxins in the intestine, remove dirt from the intestine. - Blood system detoxifies the digestive system to normalize people with constipation and diarrhea. - It removes toxins from the body, nourishes the liver, reduces fat, and heals the liver. - Helps to reduce the smell. - Catching new fat Help break old fat - Get rid of bacteria in the bladder. That causes bladder inflammation. - Help prevent colon cancer. - Helps to brighten the skin healthy. - Help the digestive system to normal. - Help prevent colon cancer. - Help clear the toxins in the liver kidney. - Helps reduce fat and cholesterol in the blood. - Helps to lose weight or lose weight by natural means. - Help prevent hemorrhoids. - Helps control blood sugar.
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Shop By NutchayaTor
Selling nutritional products for health, body care, body and hair.
Products Nutritional :
1.Pacio - Toxins in the body 4 systems in a single pass is detoxification. And to drive waste from the body.
2.Osto - Nutritional and bone health supplements.
3.Setini - Nutritional supplements for hair and scalp combining with natural extracts.
4.Ginger Soap - Remove skin cells to peel gently to reduce the accumulation of bacteria, the cause of odors. Reduces inflammation of the skin. Due to the rash. And anti-oxidant The skin is radiant. Naturally Makes the skin softer, softer, firmer, soothed, refreshed and refreshed.
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