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25/06/18 - 31/12/19


Get a *PAY-AS-YOU-GO Coupon* for one hour of professional website development or maintenance time. Use multiple coupons to get professional ICT time to develop or maintain your website sites. Website projects can be simple or complex. Specifying and implementing jobs can also be time consuming and expensive. We are willing to work with you on a phased “Pay-As-You-Go” basis to formulate and specify your project for one coupon. Then we will implement your project for multiple coupons. After the initial consultation, your web development or maintenance project will be quoted in Pay-As-You-Go coupons. The main platforms used are WordPress, Joomla! and Adobe Acrobat. For example: Example A. Phase1: Initial project consultation and project specification = 1 Coupon. Phase 2: Complete WordPress website development (Domain name registration and website hosting not included) = 8 coupons. Example B. Phase1: Initial project consultation and project specification = 1 Coupon. Phase 2: Complete fillable interactive one-page PDF e-Form development for PC and Android tablets = 2 coupons
Условия сделки от продавца :
1. Go to to complete your job evaluation and consultation request.

2. All jobs will be done in English.

3. Costs (number of coupons), job detail specifications and time frames will be agreed before additional work in done on client’s projects.

4. If domain names, webhosting accounts, templates or plugins needs to be purchased on behalf of clients, a PayPal invoice will be provided.
Сведения о продавце :
The business provides ICT/Internet services including Website (WordPress, Joomla), App and eDocument development in addition to Social Media marketing (Facebook and LinkedIn) and graphic design.
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