Yunnan double jiang meng library town tianrun tea industry co., LTD., founded in 2004, is a collection of tea production and processing, network sales, entity operating tea and tea culture promotion is a body comprehensive enterprise, has a fine puer tea processing factory, the factory area of over 5000 square meters; A process of tea processing factory, covers an area of nearly 2300 square meters. Company existing staff 68 people (puer tea plant and process tea factory in total) for the general customers processing with exquisite production technology of pu 'er tea. Company is located in kunming, yunnan's largest tea base - Here beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, convenient transportation, has provided the advantageous condition for puer tea. For many years for the general merchants and customers to provide quality value of tea. Is a large-scale enterprise for all parts of the country for a long time made gift craft of tea. Products include small tea cake tea, brick tea, tuo tea, craft tea, black tea, scented tea, green tea, a total of seven categories of hundreds of varieties. After years of development, the company has a complete and scientific quality management system. With integrity, strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to tea factory visit, guidance and business negotiation! We in the cooperation and win-win! We and a number of brand logistics company signed a contract logistics, express delivery company, ensure the distribution out within 72 hours.

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Double jiang meng library town

yunnan, Китай (cn)

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